A collection of of the wonders of Hakone derived from Hakone Volcano

A place where visitors can experience the wonders of volcanoes, the history of Hakone, and the beauty of nature. That is what the Hakone Geomuseum is all about. The Hakone Geomuseum opened in April 2014 in Owakudani, which is located virtually in the center of Hakone Volcano. Based in Hakone Geopark, the Hakone Geomuseum offers interesting information and a variety of fun exhibits. Here visitors can learn about, come in contact with, and become experts in Hakone Volcano. Visit the Hakone Geomusuem and make your trip to Hakone even more fun and interesting.

A Geopark is a natural park notable for distinctive natural environments and history created through geologic activity. In recognition of regional activities to utilize such natural environments and history for education and tourism, Hakone was certified as a Geopark by the Japanese Geoparks Network in 2012.

Information Zone
【Free Admission】

Entrance Zone: Provides information on the volcanic gas of Owakudani and disaster prevention measures as a precaution against emergencies. Promenade Zone: Provides comprehensive information on the natural wonders, history, and blessings of the Hakone Geopark, as well as information on the Japanese Geopark network.


Here you can find a new facet of Hakone. In the GEO Hall, you can find the special exhibition! Recomencation of Owakudani from museum staff! Focusing on the area we are currently in, Owakudani; the areas of Mt. Kanmurigatake and Mt. Kamiyama; Lake Ashinoko; and Sengokuhara; as well Hakone Onsen (hot springs), a blessing of the volcano; are introduced back-to-back with information on the threats and hazards of the volcano through a combination of some 50 small blurbs and GEO Columns.

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